Thinking of creating your own business? Download this handbook.

(State Dept./Julia Maruszewski)
(State Dept./Julia Maruszewski)

Many people believe that entrepreneurs are born, not made. But that’s just not true. Anyone can acquire the knowledge and skills to transform an idea into a successful business.

A new handbook, Startup Smart: A Handbook for Entrepreneurs, can help.

This 80-page handbook helps entrepreneurs develop the mindset to honestly evaluate their business ideas. It also helps aspiring business owners gain the comfort level to take risks and minimize those risks where possible.

With photos and examples from real-life entrepreneurs across the globe, the handbook provides tools and guidance to create a successful business.

Download the book here.

Credit: This article was first published in Share America by Mary Jane Maxwell

Must Watch: If you own a small business that needs to evolve, this video is a must watch for you.


Vusi Thembekwayo is a serial entrepreneur, global business speaker, investor, one of the Dragons on the South African version of Dragon’s Den TV show amongst many other things.

In this video interview on Sunrise show on eTV, South Africa, he shares deep insight into how true entrepreneurs can evolve with little or no capital and the need for a new mindset.

Ransomeware : Hackers want you to pay ransom for your data

Ransomeware (source:
This article was first posted here on this site last year. It is now reposted because of the recent wannacry ransomeware attacking windows devices

Ransomware is on the rise both in sophistication and frequency. There are more and more recorded cases of attacks. So what is this thing?

Ransomware – a term coined by combining the words, “ransom” and “software” – is a computer virus(software) that prevents users access to their systems until a requested amount(ransom) is paid.

The issue of Brain Drain and its impact

Two human heads shaped with gears with red and gold brain idea made of cogs representing the concept of intellectual communication through technology exchange. (Src: Google Image)
Two human heads shaped with gears with red and gold brain idea made of cogs representing the concept of intellectual communication through technology exchange. (Src: Google Image)

On the 7th of April, 2017, the state of New York, USA announced that it would be launching free education programs in their state colleges for people from families that earn less than $125,000 annually.

This is a great news considering the cost of education in the state is outrageously high for the low-income earners and for youths who have to depend on income from menial jobs to be able to feed and perhaps pay rent.

12 business terms that every 20-something should know.

Business words, Terms and condition (Src: Google Images)
Business words, Terms and condition (Src: Google Images)

As a young ambitious person, it is quite easy to find yourself in a place where some business terms are used and you find yourself trying to google the meaning.

Here, we put together a list of 12 terms we believe can easily come in handy and also make you appear smart while using them with others.

How should I spend my holiday bonus?

Holiday Bonus Dollars
Courtesy - ebay partner network

If you are one of the lucky ones that is expecting an end-of-year or holiday bonus, congratulations. The bonus season is good to you. We are hoping it’s one of the things you are grateful for this year.

For many, this might be an opportunity to treat themselves to that vacation or finally get that red bottom loubs. But not you or at-least not so fast. You have to read this first before you take the next step because you are smarter than that. This bonus has to be spent in a way that will greatly shape your future and help you move closer to your financial goals.

The question then is how should you rather spend your bonus?

Meet one of Africa’s youngest millionaires, South Africa’s Sandile Shezi

Sandile Shezi
Sandile Shezi (source: Sandile's facebook page)

Sandile Shezi is not your average young African. At just 24 years, he is considered by many as South Africa’s youngest self-made millionaire. Came into limelight after an interview by CCTV Africa.He boasts of a superstar like followership across social platforms.Drives around in convertible Ferrari’s  and Lamborghini’s and flies around in private jets.

But just how did he get here?

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