23 year old Nigerian lady achieves her PhD in spite of failing...

23 year old Nigerian lady achieves her PhD in spite of failing her first JAMB exams

Winnie at her PhD graduation
Winnie at her PhD graduation

There is nothing better than stories that express endless possibilities and the can-do-spirit.

One of such stories is that of Winifred Adebayo. She describes herself as a Nurse, writer, blogger and researcher. Only now, she’s all that and much more with a Doctorate.

Winifred started her PhD in Nursing 3 years ago as a doctoral student in University of Miami. Today, she celebrates her victory having successfully completed and in effect bagged herself a PhD.

According to her post on instagram, she achieved this feat in spite of failing her first Jamb exams in 2008.

The very lively young lady shared the good news on her instagram account and wrote “God has been too faithful. I’m not sure there are any words to use or describe how I feel. God has been a ROCKSTAR. I failed my first Jamb in 2008. A PhD came before my 24th Birthday. To anyone reading this, God is Faithful, God never fails, God is very dependable, and it’s never late. Thank you to all my family, friends, and my amazing blog readers!!!! Love you! …………………………………………………………….. #africanwomenkillingit #nigerianwomen #phdwoman #girlboss #nigerianwomenkillingit”



She has shared her experiences as a doctoral student on her blog for others to learn from and even offered to help guide anyone interested in pursuing a PhD too. How awesome?

We celebrate with Winnie on her great achievement. Her passion, dedication and willingness to share her stories and experiences with others make us admire and consider her a role model for many.

If you care to, you can read more of Winnie’s writings on her blog Winnie’s Students World or follow her on instagram on her handle @wini_ade.