Don’t Wait, Start Now!

    Don’t Wait, Start Now!

    Don't Wait, Start Now -
    Don't Wait, Start Now! -

    You may have heard it many times but it doesn’t hurt to hear it again. Everything you see that is amazing didn’t start out that way. Every person you celebrate, every amazing and phenomenal thing around you, and events you wish you had, you wish you own, was not always that way.

    They all had points of obscurity, points where it wasn’t clear if this is what they should be doing or if it was going to be phenomenal at the end of it but they started regardless.

    You cannot know the strength that you carry until you put it to use. You would not know the tenacity on your inside until you start the race.

    Don’t stop! That’s another word, the first was to start, because everything will take shape when you are daring enough to start, now the next is don’t stop.

    You start and it’s not pulling through, don’t stop! Don’t you dare it! The universe is counting on you to keep on keeping on. It will come through if you just hold a little longer.

    Everything you ever wanted is in that process, don’t despise the process, stay on it.

    You see, the beauty of life is revealed through time and the truth is, your process may not look good right now but it will pull through, you would see the light at the end of the tunnel.

    When you’ve made up your mind to start a thing, I beg you, don’t stop. No matter the circumstances and the tupsy turvy nature of things, just don’t stop.

    If everyone you celebrate right now had stopped what they started you would have nothing to celebrate right now, because they all face the same struggle of starting.
    And lastly, invest everything, throw in your all, invest everything to be everything that you were called to become. Throw in everything you’ve got on this.

    I don’t know what it is that your mind may have conceived to achieve but I want you to give it your all because it is best we throw all of ourselves into whatever are dreams are. It’s better to try and fail than to never try at all and live with regrets of what could have been had we had the guts to start, the tenacity to not stop, and the commitment to give it our all.

    Start, don’t stop, put in everything!

    With love, XOXO