You Are A Deluxe Creation.

You Are A Deluxe Creation.

You are a superior kind
You are a superior kind

Amidst the moments of crushing pain, trials and temptations I thought were defeating, I realize they were but a process to success.

I decided to do a little business, trading my bad moments for  happiness and invested ideal ideas to gain fruitful satisfaction.

But note this, tough as it may have been, I did this knowing that I was special. I am a superior kind.

I have succeeded and so can you. My advice is stand firm. Though storm and waves may come, only the dedicated triumph.

You are a special breed, we all are.

Howbeit, a few portray it, another few underestimate the fact, and the rest have yet to acknowledge it.

Really, there is more to me, there is more to you, there is more to us. More than the challenges we face. So next time they come, raise your head up, chin out, shoulders straight, chest out and deal with them as the superior kind that you are.

You are a Deluxe creation.