Meet one of Africa’s youngest millionaires, South Africa’s Sandile Shezi

Meet one of Africa’s youngest millionaires, South Africa’s Sandile Shezi

Sandile Shezi
Sandile Shezi (source: Sandile's facebook page)

Sandile Shezi is not your average young African. At just 24 years, he is considered by many as South Africa’s youngest self-made millionaire. Came into limelight after an interview by CCTV Africa.He boasts of a superstar like followership across social platforms.Drives around in convertible Ferrari’s  and Lamborghini’s and flies around in private jets.

But just how did he get here?

Sandile Shezi grew up in the same Durban town as his role model Sandile Zungu – executive chairman of Zungu Investments Company Limited in South Africa.

From age of 12 to 15 years he started selling muffins at his school in order to make extra pocket money. For this he was laughed at by mates. He then moved on to selling clothes from door-to-door, this he attributes his ability to handle rejection.

Sandile Shezi Ferrari
Courtesy – Sandile Shezi post

Sandile says he has worked in a call center and also as a waiter up until he decided “enough is enough and sacrificed everything for a dream only I could see.”

In his 3rd year in university, after learning that most successful people are investors in other companies, he took his entire tuition and invested in stock market, ultimately dropping out of school – a move his parents only learnt of when the requested for the year’s result. As you can imagine, they were very disappointed at him.

From stocks he moved to forex and has done pretty well for himself.

You can say that Shezi has earned his stripes in the high-risk forex market and has grown his company – Global forex Institute – where he is a co-founder, to one of the most successful forex trading company in South Africa making great fortune from it.

With his success, his parents(both teachers) are fully supportive of their child having pursued his dreams.

When ask what inspires him, he says poverty. He has used his Sandile Shezi Foundation to reach out to less privilege and also give back to the community that made him and beyond.

He considers himself a motivational speaking constantly sharing inspirational quotes and stories to his followers across social media platforms.

“Inside every rich man is a poor kid that followed his dreams.”

One of his mantra is “Black child it’s possible”. Re-enforcing the believe that every thing is possible considering today he finds himself networking with billionaires, political leaders.

He has given himself a target of becoming a billionaire by age 30.

We admire Sandile because of his audacity and resilience.

You can see his post on instagram or facebook.

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