A Flower Pot That Grows

A Flower Pot That Grows

Growth: Expandable Origami Pot
Expandable Origami Pot - source: ayaskan.com

If you are one of those that ever had to worry about the stress of transplanting your door plant because it blossomed and outgrew it’s container, worry no more. This very innovative container aims to solve just that.

Twin designers behind London-based Studio Alaskan, Begum and Bike Alaskan, created Growth: a beautifully crafted expandable pots that grows with your plants.

The polypropylene pot designed after the Japanese origami art can expand up to five times it original volume.

Expanding Origamic Pot GIF
Growth: Expanding Origamic Pot GIF – (source: Dezeen)

Here is what the pair had to say as reported by Contemporist – “There is a strong disconnect between nature and the environments we are used to and comfortable in as humans. The spaces and objects we build and surround us with are very static. In nature, everything evolves, adapts, grows, blooms, degrades, dies, gets absorbed, reused. Nothing stands still. Panta rhei. Everything flows.”

Intricate Origamic-like Shape
Intricate Origamic-like Shape – (Source: Contemporist)

“The modern approach to building is the opposite. Here, things exist in stages: objects are produced, used, discarded. This approach is neither sustainable, nor does it satisfy our intrinsic demands for dynamism. It is purely not “natural” in it’s most literal sense.

Growth arose from a contemplation over the relationship between nature and the manufactured object and finding a way to merge the two together. As a result Growth, through it’s carefully calculated origami pattern, mimics nature’s ability to grow and transform by unfolding over time, bringing these qualities to the manufactured object.” (Source: Contemporist)

Even a very simple object, like a plant pot, could be improved and changed by understanding its life cycle and implementing behaviour patterns through geometry and structure.

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