You Are A Deluxe Creation.

You are a superior kind
You are a superior kind

Amidst the moments of crushing pain, trials and temptations I thought were defeating, I realize they were but a process to success.

I decided to do a little business, trading my bad moments for  happiness and invested ideal ideas to gain fruitful satisfaction.

12 business terms that every 20-something should know.

Business words, Terms and condition (Src: Google Images)
Business words, Terms and condition (Src: Google Images)

As a young ambitious person, it is quite easy to find yourself in a place where some business terms are used and you find yourself trying to google the meaning.

Here, we put together a list of 12 terms we believe can easily come in handy and also make you appear smart while using them with others.

TEF2017: Have you applied for Tony Elumelu Foundation Entreprenuership Programme 2017 yet?

    Tony Elumelu Foundation 2017

    Hey young African, the opportunity you have been waiting for is finally here. One of the largest entrepreneur incubator in Africa, the Tony Elumelu Foundation(TEF) is now open for the third cycle of it’s entrepreneurship programme. If you think you have a business idea that can transform the continent, then here is your chance to fund that idea.

    How should I spend my holiday bonus?

    Holiday Bonus Dollars
    Courtesy - ebay partner network

    If you are one of the lucky ones that is expecting an end-of-year or holiday bonus, congratulations. The bonus season is good to you. We are hoping it’s one of the things you are grateful for this year.

    For many, this might be an opportunity to treat themselves to that vacation or finally get that red bottom loubs. But not you or at-least not so fast. You have to read this first before you take the next step because you are smarter than that. This bonus has to be spent in a way that will greatly shape your future and help you move closer to your financial goals.

    The question then is how should you rather spend your bonus?

    Meet one of Africa’s youngest millionaires, South Africa’s Sandile Shezi

    Sandile Shezi
    Sandile Shezi (source: Sandile's facebook page)

    Sandile Shezi is not your average young African. At just 24 years, he is considered by many as South Africa’s youngest self-made millionaire. Came into limelight after an interview by CCTV Africa.He boasts of a superstar like followership across social platforms.Drives around in convertible Ferrari’s  and Lamborghini’s and flies around in private jets.

    But just how did he get here?

    Rwanda: Drone Delivery for Health Care

    Drones in Rwanda
    A drone launched in Rwanda (source: MTV News)

    Rwanda just became the first country in the world to have a national drone delivery service. In a ceremony on October 14, Rwandan President Paul Kagame with a team from a Silicon Valley start-up Zipline launched the first drone outside of it’s capital city Kigali.

    Ransomeware : Hackers want you to pay ransom for your data

    Ransomeware (source:

    Ransomware is on the rise both in sophistication and frequency. There are more and more recorded cases of attacks. So what is this thing?

    Ransomware – a term coined by combining the words, “ransom” and “software” – is a computer virus(software) that prevents users access to their systems until a requested amount(ransom) is paid.

    A Flower Pot That Grows

    Growth: Expandable Origami Pot
    Expandable Origami Pot - source:

    If you are one of those that ever had to worry about the stress of transplanting your door plant because it blossomed and outgrew it’s container, worry no more. This very innovative container aims to solve just that.

    Twin designers behind London-based Studio Alaskan, Begum and Bike Alaskan, created Growth: a beautifully crafted expandable pots that grows with your plants.

    Waste Shark: The garbage-eating Aquatic drone

    waste shark
    Waste Shark - courtesy RanMarine

    Imagine having all our oceans and harbors without any garbage. Beautiful right?, yes – we imagine so too.

    Waste Shark aims to achieve just that. A trash-eating drone developed by RanMarine and first displayed at the 40th edition of the World Port Day in early September of this year.