What’s Your Why: A Life of Purpose

    What's Your Why?
    What's Your Why? (Src musclehut.ca)

    So who are you? Really, Who are you? Have you ever had to ask yourself that question? If not, ask yourself now, who am I?.

    For me, I am one in more than 7 billion people in our beautiful mother earth. Unique yet the same as any other you’ve ever met, special yet relatively generic, I stick out like a sore thumb but I also fit in so well you can easily miss me in the crowd.

    Don’t Wait, Start Now!

      Don't Wait, Start Now - audacity4success.com
      Don't Wait, Start Now! - audacity4success.com

      You may have heard it many times but it doesn’t hurt to hear it again. Everything you see that is amazing didn’t start out that way. Every person you celebrate, every amazing and phenomenal thing around you, and events you wish you had, you wish you own, was not always that way.

      They all had points of obscurity, points where it wasn’t clear if this is what they should be doing or if it was going to be phenomenal at the end of it but they started regardless.

      Are you also a victim of the impostor syndrome?

      The fear of being exposed as a fake (Src: Google Image)
      The fear of being exposed as a fake (Src: Google Image)

      Ever had the feeling where everyone else thinks you are a genius but you? Or that you are so good at what you, you do not believe you did it and you keep believing some day you would be found out by people.

      Oh yeah, you are probably dealing with the imposter or fraud personality syndrome.

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