Critical Reasoning as tool of effective thoughts

Purpose of Education by Albert Einstein
Purpose of Education by Albert Einstein

“To achieve any challenging end, though, we also must have criteria: gauges, measures, models, principles, standards, or tests to use in judging whether we are approaching that end. What’s more, we must apply our criteria in a way that is discerning, discriminating, exacting, and judicious. We must continually monitor and assess how our thinking is going, whether it is on the right track, whether it is sufficiently clear, accurate, precise, consistent, relevant, deep, or broad for our purposes”.[1]

There are phrases bandied about so often that they appear to lose their meaning. You read a newspaper and see them, turn on the radio and hear them, watch the TV and there they are. On the other hand, there are some phrases that you do not hear enough of and should hear more often. ‘Critical reasoning’ is one of such phrases that should be heard more often.

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